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You're site is looking great and is at the top of the search engines for all the correct search terms. Great stuff. The next stage - emarketing. Covercian are emarketing experts. We have designed and delivered hundreds of campaigns. We do the lot. From designing the email to getting you the lists (or using your own list). We design it and deliver it. We can tell you how many people it was sent to, over what days, who opened it, who it bounced back from, how many people clicked on the link to your site.

It's another very effective way to drive the right audience to your site, and we are good at it. We are up on all the latest legislation that means, through us, you will never be accused of spamming or not complying to the latest standards in e-marketing - do not underestimate this.

Our lists of databases go into the hundreds of thousands of opt-in names that we can use. Our software is the best on the market and our designs are bang on. Used in conjunction with PPC and on-page optimisation e-marketing is a ferociously good route to market. Leave it to the emarketing specialists in Liverpool.

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