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Onpage - "under the bonnet stuff" as we call it. On-page optimisation is all the stuff you don't really want to get involved in. Sorry for the jargon, but it's essential getting all the nuts and bolts of your site sitting pretty for the search engines.

It starts with us nailing the keyword list. For us this is the best bit – it's a three way thing: you, us and Google. You know your market, we know search and Google has the figures. Together we build the keyword list making your website highly relevant to your target audience.

Keywords & Meta

A good selection of keywords (and phrases) is essential in attracting the right visitors. We also ensure your Keyword Density (KWD) is spot on; for instance, in my case - something like search engine optimisation Liverpool, (see the copy section). From here we crack on, getting our hands dirty getting the meta, titles, meta description and meta keywords correct for the search engine. We explain what all this means face-to-face before we kick off.

W3C & Image Tagging

When a search engine visits your site to give it a score, it reads the HTML code behind the site. Like a book it starts at the first page and starts reading. The second it gets to the first spelling mistake it slaps the book shut, throws it over the shoulder and walks away. If the error is on the first sentence on the first page, all the following pages are redundant. We make sure that there are no spelling mistakes anywhere on the site. We ensure that the code behind your site is 100% correct for the engines to read every word and give you the best mark possible. We also ensure all your images are Alt Tagged correctly – hugely important for search engines.

There's a lot more to the on-page process. It's boring so won't go into to it here but, give us the chance to get our hands on Meta Description tag, ALT tags, H1 tags, URL structure, Internal linking strategy, Content and Site maps (both XML and user facing)...and we are in our element.

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