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Used correctly PPC can be a hugely effective route to market. We have years of experience in the set up and running of large scale PPC campaigns. Looking for PPC specialists in Liverpool? Look no further.

Campaign Strategy Design

To achieve high ROI an effective PPC campaign strategy is required, we include all aspect of PPC campaign whether it is keyword research, landing pages evaluation, targeted regions or budgeting and increasing the relevancy scores of your advert. Selecting the search networks (Google Adwords, Yahoo Search Marketing etc) for PPC and distributing the budget is the core activity performed in this phase.

Keyword Research

Finding performing and potential keywords is a requisite for your PPC campaign. We design several test ad groups, manage the negative keywords and identify keywords that are working and generating targeted traffic to your website. Recognising negative keyword is as important as performing keywords, inclusion of negative keywords in your PPC ad campaign can cause monitory loss. We split test your long-tail and short-tail keywords. If this all sounds involved, don't worry, let us do the hard stuff and get your site working.

Account Setup, Campaign and Ad Groups Setup

We setup your PPC account in the decided search engines and form different campaign and several Ad groups. We actively manage your accounts on a daily basis and ensure effective use of budget and high ROI. We manage each campaign, we establish and monitor any split testing, we manually adjusting budgets daily concentrating on performing keywords and we strip out poor performing keywords. Essentially, we do the lot for you.

Ad Copywriting and Landing Page Designing

We design and develop magnetic ad copywriting to increase CTR to the landing page. This will be designing to attain the highest conversion rate; all this is done by our certified PPC professionals. We keep testing new ad copywriting and new landing pages to touch the optimum ROI.

Looking for a chat about PPC? Unsure if it will work for you? Give us a call; we are Liverpool PPC and internet marketing specialists.

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