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Off-page Optimisation is essential for your SEO campaign to have maximum effect by gaining top positions for popular and relevant keywords. There are different off-page factors, some are mentioned below. The purist would argue that PPC is a form of off-page SEM (Search Engine Marketing). It is - but it's got its own section on the site.

Search Engine Submission

We submit your website, manually, to 23 of the major UK search engines. Yes 23! It's not all about Google. Manually getting your site added to all these engines increases visibility.

Link Building

The business of getting other good quality sites to have a link to your site (and vice versa) is increasingly important. The biggest indicators to a search engine as to your popularity are the number of inbound external links pointing to your website. It's a slow process that continues throughout the life of the contract. It's a numbers game, true, but more than that it's about identifying the right sites to link to. Our experience has whittled down the tens of thousands of directory sites to perhaps the 1000 best (highest Page Ranked) sites. We get you on each of these with a reciprocal link. Importantly we do not use software for this, it's all human edited and quality checked.

Directory Submission

Your website submission with a brief description to various directories is beneficial for website link building. Your site needs to be listed on SEO friendly directories. This is essential as they pass page rank and trust rank into the website. As part of this work we will also assess any directories specific to your sector.

Classified Ads

Where appropriate, we can advertise your site on classified website with your website banner or logo which can increase traffic to your website.

Social Bookmarking

We bookmark your website to various bookmarking sites which contributes to incoming website links.

Article Submission

Article Submission can be a great way of website link building, submitting articles to the various article submission sites in your sector has the value of getting people to your site but also positions yourself as a "thought leader" or an authority in your sector, subtle but important.


Blogs are an excellent source of links. Participation in and creation of blogs are tools that we employ to build natural links.


Google likes content. Creating content and articles and the syndicating (telling other people about) that content attracts links. We talk more about this in our Social Media section of the site.

Link bait

Link bait is long and valuable content that when hosted on your site and syndicated correctly will attract links without asking for them. It is not applicable to all sites, but if used correctly can spawn hundreds or thousands of links.

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