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Covercian (ko-ver-see-an)

This is Covercian. We are exciting and ambitious Liverpool-based web design and search engine specialists. We design great websites and help make sure people see them. Covercian understands 'search' is vital but it isn't the whole picture, its only part of a marketing mix. It should be just a slice of the marketing strategy. We look wider than Google. It's about results. Getting the search strategy to dove-tail with the wider marketing strategy is what we are good at.

You're here either looking for a Liverpool SEO agency or looking for information on Search for yourself. Chances are you have a limited budget and hate jargon. Couldn't agree more – glad we met.

What we Do

Essentially we drive traffic to your site. How do we do this? Well it's not just about being "top of Google"; it's blending on-page optimisation with wider Search Engine marketing (SEM) techniques. SEO is a small part of how we do this, but essentially we drive your audience to your site. Internet Marketing is growing increasingly complex and Covercian stay one step ahead of the world of SEO.

It's our job to make sure that the eyes that we drive to your site are the eyes you want on the site. Dive in to the internet marketing section of the site – there are loads of ways to get quality traffic to your site. It's our job to sit down with you, understand your business, and get under the skin of your market place. We live where your clients hang out on the internet....and then get your site there.

Why Choose Us?

Search is a matter of understanding your market place. It's not about Meta, algorithms, Google bots, Page Rank, spiders....the list goes on. Ever had an SEO company come up with a keyword list containing key phrases that you JUST KNOW people are not going to type into Google? Our staff are marketers first and Google geeks second.

The agency was founded in 2010 by Gareth Pickering, A Liverpool SEO specialist and internet marketing champion. Covercian approach it like this....if we could triple your site traffic by dropping you from the first page in Google but optimising you in the image search...we'll do it. That gives you an idea of why were different.

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Covercian are a specialist Search engine optimisation company in Liverpool. Looking for a chat about your search strategy? Give us a call

Call Gareth Pickering today on 07795 624 607.

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Better still, pop in to our offices in Liverpool city centre for a coffee and a chat or keep with us with our Facebook, twitter and Linked In pages.

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